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Invisible Electronic Fence Systems: Things to Remember Before Buying

An electronic dog fence, also called as invisible dog fence, is considered a training system that is designed to keep a grown dog, or even a puppy in the yard and or within a fix boundary in the yard. With the use of a transmitter that sends signal to underground wires, invisible fencing produces an effective yard boundary that is totally invisible to the eye. Dogs wear a battery-operated radial collar receiver that triggers to alarm if the dog goes too close to the boundary, and if the animal continues to go near the set boundary, the collar creates a mild static correction. After the training, the dog can then be able to respond to an auditory signal that minimize the static correction, or also referred to as the tiny shock. Even though an invisible fence serves as a modern invisible alternative to traditional dog fences, it’s important for the dog owner to know whether the system is best for the needs of their dogs. Learning some basic things prior to buying an electronic or invisible dog fence is extremely a good idea for those owners who can’t fully decide or those who are ready to start using the electronic fencing. Professionally installed electronic dog fences can be bought not only from physical stores but also through online marketplaces and retailers, making it easy for dog owners to find fences that match their requirements and needs. 

Invisible Electronic Fence

Invisible dog fence systems give a concealed barrier that prevents animal from digging under or jumping over their set boundaries. With a harmless and effective correction, dogs can be quickly trained to stay within the predetermined boundary and or keep them away from restricted areas in the yard of the owner, like a garden bed or a pool. Even though electronic fences can offer a lot of benefits, it is still very important that you learn all the necessary things you have to or precautions needed in order to make sure you know how to safely and effectively use the entire fencing system. 

Consult a Veterinarian

When you plan to use an invisible fence, it’s important for the dog owner to consult to a veterinarian first before you purchase this kind of fencing system since these certain electronic devices are not suitable for all dogs. Your veterinarian can be able to determine if using an invisible fence is appropriate for your dog based on its temperament and medical records. This is very necessary because if your dog is not suited well to an invisible electronic fence, you will just waste your time and money on an ineffective containment method. 

Plot the Wire Perimeter before Purchasing 

Professional installation or DIY installation of an electronic dog fence requires a perimeter pre-plot where the wires are buried. It is important that you pre-plot the perimeter of your area prior to installation as it allows you to have a quicker installation process since it helps the owner or installer determine what specific kinds of tools might be needed. For example, if the system’s wires need to go over pavement or concrete, then a masonry bladed circular saw is needed in order to dig a trench for system wires. If the dog’s owner uses a DIY kit, pre-plotting the perimeter is more helpful since it determines the quantity of wires needed for the entire project. In addition to that, some specific transmitters cover more area compared to others; therefore, it’s good to know what kind of area is required to be contained in order to get the most appropriate transmitter to cover it thoroughly. 

Test Wires above Ground

Most of the time, professional installers test the invisible dog fence system for the owner of the dog. On the other hand, dog owners who would like to install the electronic fencing themselves should make sure to thoroughly check the fencing system before burying its wires. This saves dog owners the hassle and stress of having to dig up its wires if something is not properly working. 

Invest Enough Time to Train Your Dog

Once your dog’s veterinarian permitted you to use an electronic invisible fencing system, it’s important for the dog owner to spend time to train his on her dog on how the fencing system operates. Usually, a 48 hours minimum time needs to be allocated for maximum effectiveness, even though some dogs might require training time that is longer than 48 hours. The dog owner should place the perimeter flags between five and ten feet apart so that the puppy or dog has visual clues. Each hour, the dog owner must take his or her dog near the boundary with the use of a leash until its receiver collar beeps, and then the dog owner should pull the dog away and then give it praise or treat afterwards. When the owner is not yet training, the dog must stay away from the boundary or remain indoors. 

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Benefits of Hiring the Service of a Local Towing Company 

A local towing service provider near you such as towing New Haven will come in handy at your location if you’re having any problem with your vehicle. Their professional drivers will help in jump-starting your vehicle or move it in case of breakdown or accident. Most financial institutions even require these services especially when it comes to repossession. In this article, you will be able to learn some of the many benefits of hiring a local towing service in your area. 

 Towing Company

Professional services 

Asking for help from family and friends or doing it yourself is never a good idea. One of the major reasons is that, towing needs special equipment and skill. If you do not have these, you will just end up creating more damages to your car, leading to more costly repairs in the future. In addition to that, since you have no experience and knowledge in this task, one of you might get hurt as you struggle to move the vehicle. 

The staffs of local towing company have constantly been trained on the best modern techniques to use when moving automobiles. The towing companies having specialized towing equipment, tools, and trucks that they can be able to use to easily unload and load cars without causing any harm to the vehicle that the company is moving. 

Since they are highly trained and experienced in this fiend, they know exactly where to take your car. If you do not have any idea where to go for gas refill or instant car repair, there’s no need for you to worry – most towing companies will be more than willing to give you suggestions. They will take your vehicle to the right place where it will be handled best. 

Instant Response and 24/7 Availability 

Another benefit of hiring a local towing company’s service is that you can contact them at your own phase anytime of the day or night. On the other hand, if you call your friends or family to help you out, they may not be able to respond and help you right away as they might be busy with their other chores. Because of that, you may be stranded in the middle of the night by the roadside for quite some time. Fortunately, your local towing companies are available round the clock to respond to your problem anytime of the day and night. Just contact your preferred towing service provider and they will definitely be more than happy to assist you. 


Most of the time, towing service providers are licensed and insured to carry out their services. This serves as a personal guarantee that they are able to provide high quality towing services. Therefore, you do not also have to worry about your vehicle being mishandled or stolen. Prior to hiring a towing service provider in your area, it is recommended that you do deep research first on their reputation as well as licensure. You can start your research process through visiting each towing company’s website or social media profiles and check for testimonials, reviews and feedbacks. From there, you will be able to know if the company can be able to meet your requirements. You can also ask for referrals from your colleagues, friends or family members, if ever they have experienced hiring a towing company before. So far, this is the safest method to use knowing that the company you opt to hire have already provided decent service to someone you know. 


In some cases, your vehicle might be facing issues that can be easily repaired by the towing staff. If your car’s problem is small, they will be able to help you repair it, which means you do not have to tow your vehicle anymore. For much bigger problems, towing service providers will move your vehicle to car experts so that it can be repaired from there.  

Local towing companies are always there for you whenever you need quality roadside assistant. All you have to do is to save the phone numbers of towing companies near your area so you can contact them right away whenever you need help. With the professional technicians and highly responsive team that are available 24/7, your local towing companies are more than happy to help you. So, the next time you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere at night, call your preferred local towing service provider right away and let them come to your location with the right equipment, tools and vehicle to help you move your car and get you back to road again. 

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